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Ajihad is the leader of the Varden. He lives in Farthen Dûr,
deep in the Beor Mountains near Tronjheim.
Arya- AR-ee-uh
Arya is an elven sorceress who was sent on a mission to bring Saphira's egg to Ellesméra, the elven capital.
However, she and her companions were waylaid by the Shade Durza and she sent the egg to the Spine where Eragon later found it.
Eragon- EHR-uh-gahn
Eragon is a Dragon Rider, companion of Murtagh and friend of the Varden. His dragon is the sapphire-colored dragon Saphira, named after Brom's dragon.
Eragon is also named after the first Dragon Rider and is responsible for the defeat of the Shade Durza. He is the son of Selena, and wields the blade Zar'roc, blade of Morzan, last of the Forsworn.
Galbatorix- gal-buh-TOR-icks
Galbatorix is king of all Alagaësia.
His first Dragon died, and he instead stole another egg and out hatched a black dragon, Shruikan. He rules from Alagaësia's capital, Urû'baen, and had employed the Shade Durza to steal Saphira's egg from the elves.
Saphira- suh-FEAR-uh
Saphira is two dragons- her namesake, Brom's deceased dragon, and Eragon's dragon.
Brom- Bur-om
Brom is a sorcerer who was secretly under the employment of the Varden.
His fortune, Angela told Eragon, was one thing- doom. He would only succeed at one thing- to vanquish Morzan, last of the Forsworn. His dragon, Saphira, died and he took up the duty of finding Saphira's egg and returning it to the Varden. He died when a dagger thrown by one of the Ra'zac hit him.
Murtagh- MUR-tag (mur rhymes with purr)
Murtagh is the son of Morzan, last of the Forsworn. However, he has not followed in his father's steps.
He ran away and saved Eragon's life twice- once from Durza, and another time from the Ra'zac.

Jeod- JODE (rhymes with load)
Jeod is a resident of the city Teirm and was an old acquaintance of Brom's. He lives next to Angela the Witch.
Angela- an-JUH-luh
Angela is a witch employed by the Varden. She lives with the werecat, Solembum. She can tell the future.
Orik- OAR-ek (rhymes with "oar ik")
Orik is King Hrothgar's nephew, and he is a dwarf. Orik is Eragon's personal guide through Tronjheim.
King Hrothgar- ROTH-gar
Hrothgar is king of the dwarves under Tronjheim.