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Carvahall is a small villiage near The Spine, a treacherous range off the coast of Alagaësia. No one hardly commutes there, except for the yearly visit from the traders. It was the home of Eragon until he found Saphira's egg.
When Brom and Eragon reached here, Yazuac was destroyed by a rally of Urgals. All that was left was a pile of bodies in the middle of the town.
Dras-Leona is the second to largest city in Alagaësia. It is near the huge mound called Helgrind. Here Eragon and Brom were captured by the Ra'zac. Brom, in a last attempt to save Eragon, took the dagger meant for Eragon in his ribs. Luckily, Murtagh came to their rescue.
Teirm is a small merchant town west of the Spine. Here lives the witch Angela, and Brom's acquaintance Jeod.
Since Eragon and Brom did not visit here, EragonPlanet has not been able to divulge anything about Urû'baen, except it is the capital of Alagaësia.
Orthíad is Ithrö Zhâda in Urgal language, or Rebel Doom. It is located in the Beor Mountains.